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Seed Start Time

2019 seeds arriving by January 23,
some already here

Snowshoe and Ski Rental

CLICK HERE for details

Chicks are here!

Plus feed, bedding, feeders,
waterers, heat lamps and more.

Mason Bee Time!

Now is the season for mason bees.
We have bees and all their accessories
Backyard Habitat Certification

We're a center for ALL your
backyard habitat needs

House Plants New Finds!

New finds and old favorites ...
and containers, soil, gravel and more


• Expanded House Plant Selections

• We no longer sell beekeeping supplies 

We sell rakes and leaf bags
        though we recommend moving your leaves to your beds as a mulch. :-)



Mon-Sat: 10-6
Sun: 10-5

3926 N. Vancouver Avenue
(b/w Shaver and Fremont)

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