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looking for a new owner
  Hello, and thank you for your interest! This is Steve, the owner.

Livingscape grew out of a non-profit called Livable Place, and opened its doors 12 years ago! Hard to believe, eh?

We've had a great run thanks to outstanding staff and wonderful customers (you are truly the best - thoughtful, engaged, warm and friendly). Whenever I had a bad day, it took only a brief time at the store to feel better about life and humanity. So thank you so very much!

Yet at this stage of my life, there are other things to do. My hope is to find someone with a passion for people, plants and retail who wants to make it their own and run with it. We will do all that we can to set this person up for success.

We've operated with a quasi-coop model and have over 1,000 members. I believe Livingscape serves an important community function and I would like to see it continue.

PRICE. The asking price will be the sum of inventory and equipment, plus a factor for revenue generation. This will likely be around $100K, +/- $50K (numbers still being crunched), and is negotiable. In an ideal scenario, the new owner will come on board sooner than later and work with existing staff through the winter and spring for a smooth transition.

The business is financially sound and has weathered the reduction in visability, foot traffic and parking caused by adjacent construction. This construction will soon end, thankfully, and the influx of new neighbors will undoubtedly increase business.

VISION FOR LOCATION. The two neighboring apartment complexes will bring 300 potential customers to the edge of the property. Thus, it makes sense to convert the property to mixed-use, and I see Livingscape being one of those uses.

There are three floors in the main house and a substantial outbuilding. There could be different businesses in each space.

For example, in addition to Livingscape, there could be a coffee shop, hair salon, office space, and a few foot carts scattered about ... creating a vibrant place with complementary businesses. In addition, a flat roof could be put on the outbuilding to accommodate a grow house. In addition to three parking spaces out front, there are 6 alley spaces.

INTERESTED?  If so, please contact Steve Sullivan at:

Thank you! And please spread the word.

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